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Introduction for Potential Participants:

Basic Information about clinical trials and links to currently enrolling HIV/AIDS clinical trials at Beth Israel ACTU. We offer trials for people with no prior antiretroviral treatment, with prior HIV treatment and no detectable viral load, with prior HIV treatment and a detectable viral load, with complications of HIV or HIV treatment, and for women with HIV.

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Join a Clinical Trial:

Information on how to become a clinical trials participant at the Beth Israel AIDS Clinical Trials Unit.

Introduction for Health Care Professionals:

Links to currently enrolling clinical trials in six different population categories: Treatment Naive, Treatment Experienced & Virologically Suppressed, Treatment Experienced & Virologically Failing, Complications of HIV, Studies for Women with HIV.

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Participation in currently enrolling clinical trials may not only have the potential to improve your health today, it may also be a great way to play a part in the fight against AIDS and in the future of AIDS treatment and care.

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